Fun With Snow

With snow in most of the country I thought I would send these recipes and tips for a fun frugal snow day.

Snow Ice Cream
1/2 cup milk, half n half or cream
1/4 cup cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla

2 cereal bowls fresh clean snow.

Mix milk, sugar and vanilla together. Stir until vanilla is dissolved.  Add fresh snow and stir gently until it is thoroughly mixed.  Serve immediately. Serves 4.

Snow Cones
Crushed Ice
1 pkg. flavored drink mix (flavor of your choice)
Mix drink mix with half as much water as the directions indicate. Chill 1 hour. Just before serving, crush some ice. You can use either a snow cone maker or put some ice cubes in a plastic bag and pound with hammer. Pack ice chips into cups, pour chilled drink mix over the ice and serve. You can also use fruit juice boiled down to half with food coloring added.
Apple juice: green or red food coloring
Grape juice: purple food coloring

Snow And No Sled? No Problem!
We went sledding this weekend and dad and the kids really had a great time! We used some sleds that we bought last year, but there was a time in the past when the snow caught us off guard and we didn't have anything to use as a sled.
Here are some ideas for alternatives to sleds that we have used or have seen used in case you find yourself caught without one. Some of them work better when the slopes have a smoother, slightly icy surface.
    * Baby pool - We actually saw a family using an old baby pool. The one they were using would not slide well since the snow was soft, but they turned it inside out (turning the smooth side out) and it worked great. Their entire family went down together in it and they had great fun. (Of course, if you have to turn it inside out, it probably won't hold water anymore so make sure it's a worn out baby pool!
    * Lids to large plastic storage containers
    * Laundry basket (BJ's favorite for a couple of years!)
    * Vinyl outdoor cushions - We saw some people using them. They worked well and the foam inside made the bumps a little less severe for the kids.
    * Cardboard - larger pieces work best. If the snow is soft, bend the front up a little so it doesn't get stuck.
    * An old tarp - These work best with smooth, almost icy surfaces. They will get bogged down in soft snow and will shred quickly if the ice has become sharp edged.
    * An old winter coat with plastic coating (I wouldn't do this with your best coat!) - My husband said that he and his friends (when they were kids ;-) occasionally slid down on old coats with the shiny, water resistant coating.
    * Smooth hubcaps - (Don't try it with wire wheels! ;-)
    * Innertubes - Inflated innertubes work great for sledding! If you have an old innertube that has been punctured, you can cut it open and let the kids sit inside it. Even without air, the rubber still slides well.
    * Office chair mat (without the pokey things) - Some mats for office chairs are smooth on one side and don't have the gripping spikes on the back. If you have one laying around, they make great sleds in a pinch.
Tawra Kellam is the editor of Tawra and her husband paid off $20,000 debt in 5 years on $22,000 a year income.