Save Money By Purchasing Re-manufactured Printer Ink

Printer ink is one of the most expensive office items companies spend on, and it has become a necessity for numerous homes and business. A great way to save money on printer ink is by purchasing re-manufactured ink cartridges.  Re-manufactured printer ink is gaining popularity, and some publications even state that the ink cartridge hobby becomes franchise. The re-manufacturing process involves taking the previously used ink cartridges from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and utilizing the following methods: cleaning them, replacing their parts, refilling the ink, inspecting them to ensure that they are compatible with various types of printers, and reselling the items. Re-manufactured ink cartridges are generally the same as name-brand cartridges, as they are retooled in the previously described process by a third party, but are offered at lower prices. 

Low Cost

Buying re-manufactured ink results in significant savings, generally up to 50 to 75 % less than buying new name-brand options. Companies that specialize in re-manufacturing printer ink cartridges can generally set their own prices much less than big manufacturers such as Epson, HP & Lexmark. Some re-manufacturers will even buy used cartridges, and provide a credit to grant you even more savings. On top of the savings, you will notice that refurbished cartridges often last longer than the OEM's.

More Prints for Less

On many occasions you will find that re manufactured printer ink cartridges also enable you to get more prints, because OEM cartridges are often not completely filled with ink. Some original manufacturers even intentionally fill cartridges with less ink to keep consumers buying more sooner. Many re-manufacturing companies fill cartridges to the maximum capacity, with professional quality ink, which may even double the amount of pages you can print per cartridge.


The re-manufacturing of ink and toner cartridges is an environmentally friendly effort, in that product waste is eliminated by reusing the same cartridges. It takes your average toner cartridge roughly 500 years to breakdown, and millions of these cartridges find their way to our landfills each year. Any organization or household that is seeking to go green in as many ways as possible can add recycling ink and toner cartridges to their eco-friendly list.

Tips for Choosing the Right Re-manufactured Printer Ink Cartridges

·         Conduct research and look for companies that only use professional grade ink because lower quality ink can cause damage to the printer cartridge and your printer.
·         Compare prices.
·         Select sellers wisely, and do not buy re-manufactured ink cartridges from sellers that do not offer warranties or guarantees. Also, reputable sellers should have hassle-free return policies, so you can return the cartridge if you are not satisfied.
·         Make sure to try out several products before purchasing bulk quantities of a particular type of re-manufactured printer ink.

Buying re-manufactured printer ink cartridges will save money in the long run, without sacrificing quality, and you will be contributing to eco-friendly practices each time you recycle a used cartridge.

This article was composed by Melissa Weaver of They get all of their printer ink from re-manufacturers that use the process described in this article, and offer as much as 70% off on some of their products.