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Welcome to Miserly Moms. It is my goal to help people (especially moms) save money. Through the use of the money-saving tips I share and the other resources recommended, I hope that many people will be able to afford to cut back on working hours or quit altogether in order to spend more time with their family.

I believe this can be done because it happened to us. I was a successful business woman with a career in Silicon Valley. After my son was born, I wanted to be at home full-time with my children. I didn't believe that I could afford to quit, because we were living in the expensive San Francisco Bay Area, and I was bringing home 50% of our income. But I did it anyway because my family was my priority. I realized that being a stay-at-home mom was the best for my children.

I had to learn quickly how to stretch a dollar-especially in our grocery budget. I had little training in frugality, having grown up in an affluent surrounding. We didn't sell our home or cars. Our household expenses remained the same (except those for childcare). I did my homework, learned from trial and error and the experiences of other frugal moms who had gone before me.

My books shown here share how we cut expenses and made it work. They were written for the purpose of helping others get home. Please look for my new cookbook, Healthy Meals for Less: Healthy Tasty Meals for Less than 99 cents per serving and the newly updated Miserly Moms: Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy.

I hope these tools help you get to your goal!

Jonni McCoy :)

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