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Looking for ways to cut down on your budget and expenses without cutting back on your lifestyle? Who better than Jonni McCoy to help you and your family get the most out of your hard-earned money?

Jonni shows you how to get your whole family (even kids!) on the path to frugality. The rest of the book is jam-packed with literally hundreds of cost-saving tips, strategies, techniques, and recipes that will help your family cut your budget and lower your expenses without feeling deprived or left out.

Endorsements for Miserly Moms:

"I don't think there's another writer on the frugal scene that can tell it like Jonni can. She's an excellent teacher with a knack of putting across the reasons instead of just the facts. That's what makes her books invaluable to anyone who wants to live a more frugal life."
Pat Veretto
About.com, Guide to Frugal Living

"In her true fashion, Jonni has captured the heart of those who are seeking help in stretching their dollars. Every chapter has loads of ideas to try to maximize their spending efficiency. The first few pages will be well worth
the purchase of her book. A real winner."
Emilie Barnes
More Hours in My Day

"...this book offers much-need encouragement to families who are tired of hearing society's endless whine about the impossibility of mothers staying home to raise their own children. The fact is, it can be done, and it is being done, with ingenuity and good cheer... Her 'Eleven Miserly Guidelines' are completely practical, and at the top of the list is the most important: 'Don't confuse frugality with depriving yourself.'"
-Ginny Silva, In a review for Christian Parenting Today

"Let Jonni McCoy by your guide through the jungle of 'hidden' costs, misleading purchasing assumptions, and costly habits. She leads you out of the murky water of living up to the unrealistic standards of our society into the calmness of balanced checkbooks and a peaceable home life."
-Jill Bond, author of Dinner's in the Freezer

Below is the Table of Contents AND the Introduction from the book!

Table of ContentsTable of Contents

Excerpt of Book
Excerpt of Book
Excerpt of Book
Excerpt of Book

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