Miserly Moms Recommended Books::

This should give you further information on the subject of getting home. I hope it helps you on your journey in getting home!

Burkett, Larry. Women Leaving The Workplace--How To Make The Transition From Work To Home. Moody Press, 1999

Field, Christine. Coming Home To Raise Your Children--A Survival Guide For Moms, Revell, 1995

Gochnauer, Cheryl. So You Want to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom, InterVarsity Press, 1999

Fox, Isabelle. Being There: The Benefits Of A Stay-At Home Parent, Barron's Educational Series, 1996

Otto, Donna. The Stay At Home Mom--For Women At Home & Those Who Want To Be, Harvest House Publishers, 1997

Sanders, Dacie and Bullen, Martha. Staying Home: From Full-time Professional To Full-Time Parent, Little Brown & Company, 1999

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