Miserly Moms Recommended Books::

This should give you further information on the subject of Home Moving. I hope it helps you on your journey in moving to a new home!

Banks, Ann & Evans, Nancy. Goodbye, House : A Kids Guide to Moving, Crown Pub, 1999

Berenstain, Stan & Jan. The Berenstain Bears' Moving Day, Random House, 1981

Carlisle, Ellen. Smooth Moves, Teacup Press, 1999

Davis, Gabriel, The Moving Book : A Kid's Survival Guide, Little Brown & Co, 1997

Goodwin, Cathy. Making the Big Move : How to Transform Relocation into a Creative Life Transition, New Harbinger Pubns, 1999

Elliot, Betsy. The Moving Book : Everything You Should Know from Packing Up to Settling In, Harold Shaw Pub, 1998

Levine, Leslie. Will This Place Ever Feel Like Home? : Simple Advice for Settling in After Your Move, Real Estate Education, 1998

Miller, Susan. After the Boxes Are Unpacked : Moving on After Moving in, Focus on the Family Pub, 1995


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