Guidelines For Submitting A Miserly Tip::

True frugality should have something to show for itself. If you are going to be frugal, make it count for something. Frugality should be a means to an end: a way to make your home what you desire. With these thoughts in mind consider the following guidelines when submitting a tip:

1. The tip should be a practical money and time saver. Tell your story of how the tip has helped your family.

2. The tip can be anything from a household hint, baby tip, to a gardening tip.

3. Please limit your tip's length to no more than 3 paragraphs.

4. Please give your First name, the City and State you live in.

5. By submitting your material to Miserly Moms™, you give Miserly Moms™ license to print and/or modify your material in any publication it or its agents decides without attribution.

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